About Us

MWResource, Inc. is a privately held Nevada corporation founded in 2013 with divisions in the United States and Canada. MWResource is focused on providing expert control system and information technology resources to electric utilities to assist and mentor their staff in designing, implementing, and maintaining critical energy infrastructure systems.

Leveraging the expertise of founder Nathanael Butler, MWResource initially focused on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Energy Management Systems (EMS). As the company has grown, MWResource has expanded into other areas of the power industry including Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), Energy Market Management Systems (MMS), Protection and Control Systems, Plant Control Systems, SCADA/Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) communications, historians, and Utility IT systems.

MWResource offers consulting services, project and support staffing, and permanent employee recruiting services.

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Nathanael Butler headshot

Nathanael Butler

President and Principal Consultant

Paul Freeman headshot

Paul Freeman

Director of IT and Engineering

Adrienne Kantola headshot

Adrienne Kantola

Director of Sales & Marketing

Raphaele Pelaez headshot

Raphaele Pelaez

Director of Human Resources

Rich Fott headshot

Rich Fott

New Account Sales Manager

Rachel Ballentyne

Rachel Ballantyne

Manager of Resources


Chris Hernlem

Senior Account Manager

Our Mission

We have become a proven industry leader, reliably providing our clients with exceptional resources for their projects and consistently demonstrating to our employees that we value their talents and contributions.

Our mission is to provide resources, both short and long term, to augment and complement our customers’ staff in maintaining, enhancing, and keeping current the systems used to manage the power grid including EMS, ADMS, SCADA, MMS, GIS, historians, and utility IT.